2020 the year that we finished our own photo studio in the old milk factory 'Vitalac' in Herent. After 3 months of hard work, the studio of 130m2 has gotten a bit out of hand. We are very proud of the result. The furniture is made from the steel of the milk factory itself and the milk bottles are used as lamps above our beautiful conference table of almost 6 meters long.

In the first place the plan was to only do headshots (portrait) but as the plans and the studio grew into a fully-fledged studio where complete sets can be built. My second passion food photography can be done easily, because we now have plenty of ​​space.

Making good headshots is a profession in itself and only occurs in collaboration with a trained photographer who focuses on that area. By guiding the customer to an attitude and a look that radiates spontaneous, familiar and sympathetic.


"Our goal is to create that image that appeals to someone to contact you or to start working together."


We are specialized in this at headshots.be, we are happy to make that perfect Headshot together with you!

Because we work with our regular MUA - Peggy, we are fully attuned to each other and therefore we achieve a better result. Peggy and I know exactly what we expect from each other and are very efficient as a team to create a particular look that best suits the customer. Make-up is more than just applying a color, seeing what makes a person so beautiful and accentuating it even more so that they feel radiant at that moment. That's what we do it for. What we like most is the interaction of the customer with the lens and coaching our customers to a great photo. The difference between the first few photos in a headshot session and the final selected photo series after coaching is really huge.
Customers who at the end of a photoshoot say in surprise:

"Wow is that really me ?!"

Gives us so much satisfaction & energy that it is the driving force behind our passion and our company.




Became infected with photography by my father and already engaged in photography at an early age, after all we already had all the stuff at home. And photography has always played a role over the years, but never took the step to own a studio. Always keep learning and studying. One of the great things about photography is that it does not stand still and is constantly evolving. I especially like the technical parts, as well as coaching people to show the best of themselves, I take it as a very nice challenge. This has slowly grown until we have decided to actually take the step and set up our own studio and every second after that I am still happy that we took that step.

studio19-42020 169-ladyinred.jpg



As a young girl already interested in make-up and beauty, I obtained my diploma beautician / make-up artist with a year of specialization in grimmage techniques. But afterwards I ended up in the administrative professional life due to a combination of circumstances. I have now given birth to three fantastic boys and have been together with my soulmate / photographer Robin for years. We are a good combination, also in professional life and decided to go for it together. Chasing our dream together.
I have further specialized in make-up for photography by following all kinds of online courses and training at the Wellness academy in Hasselt.

A makeup artist is an important and sometimes underestimated person when taking portraits. It is important to apply the right foundation in the right way for the artificial light in the photo studio, as well as for the make-up of eyes and lips. Small scars, imperfections and discoloration of the skin are removed.

My intention is to make people shine in moments they cherish. Make-up can also be a guide to more confidence. You feel just that little bit more certain or more pleasant so that you can shine even more in front of the camera.

PEGGY also writes in a very nice way in our blog , certainly worthwhile to read.